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Lymphedema is a type of condition that happens when high amount of lymph fluids accumulate in the limbs or any part of the body. It can also occur after medical treatments that involve radiation and heavy medication or any surgery that necessitates the removal of the lymph nodes. Though the condition can be managed by the using, the right types of garments and devices it is rarely fully curable. Pneumatic compression devices, bandages and compression garments are used extensively to manage lymphedema depending on the severity of the condition. All the products are designed to aid the flow and circulation of the lymph fluids to different parts of the body instead of staying accumulated in one limb.


Different lymphedema products

While the condition itself is not curable, you can always ease your life by wearing the right lymphedema products.  The compression socks that is made exclusively to treat lymphedema in the legs is made from special elastic fiber that helps increase the flow of fluid to other parts of the body. You can even have the socks customized to meet your size and usage. Though some people may, experience decrease in swelling of limbs during the night it is advisable to consult your therapist on the usage of these special socks. You also need to remember that over a period of time the elastic can get worn out so the compression support or pressure will decrease and so immediate replacement is necessary.

Compression stockings can be used just like the normal stocking only they provide relief from the discomforts of swelling that happens due to lymphedema. If you experience chafing of the skin while using the compression hose or any of the lymphedema products you can dust baby powder on your limbs before wearing them. You also need to treat your compression jobst products like your normal garments and have them washed on a regular basis. Since massage and exercise are also integral part of lymphedema treatment, you are bound to sweat a lot and using the garments immediately after massage or exercise is not advisable. Always take a shower or clean the area thoroughly before putting on the garments.

If you are conscious about your looks there are plenty of companies that manufacture decorative compression stockings and compression hose that can be used with style and élan. You only need to check that the compression offered by the products is adequate to meet your needs.

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