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Lymhedema Garments

Lymphedema causes abnormal swelling in the legs, arms and sometimes even the neck. This primarily happens due to erratic flow of the lymph fluids inside the body. Though there is no surgical or medicinal cure for the condition it can be managed so that it does not affect the daily life of a person.


How to Make the Right Choice of Lymphedema Garment

While the therapist will decide the type of compression garments that you will need depending on your condition you can get them customized to meet your requirements. Normally your therapist will take the measurements during the mornings when the swelling is at the minimum. The external support that the lymphedema garment offers will help you in dealing the condition largely, since the primary function of these specially designed products is to offer you comfort. Treatment of lymphedema involves different procedures like exercise, massage and CDT or Complete Decongestive Therapy. Compression Pump garments is used during CDT to maintain the swelling reduction but you also need to remember that the compression garments lymphedema are actually not designed to further reduce the condition.

You will also need to choose your     lymphedema garments based on your mobility and activity level. Age, the general shape of the body part or limb, skin sensitivity and the area that needs to be covered all play a vital role too. You also need to consider the material of the garment and appearance. The cost will vary depending on the choices that you make. You also need to look at secondary factors like other medical conditions like arterial condition that affect the usage of the compression garment.


Choosing Between Ready-Made and Custom-Made Compression Garments

While ready-made lymphedema compression garments are relatively less expensive than custom made ones they have some disadvantages. They are made from thin material and sheer fabric so they do not offer proper compression support. However, on the plus side they are lightweight, have no seam so they best for cosmetic reasons and they can be replaced easily.

The custom-made compression garments are made from thick fibers that offer proper fit and appropriate support. They are also made from breathable material so even if you have other skin conditions you can use them comfortably. You can also choose the material, shape and size to fit you exactly. Of course, they are expensive but the advantages are plenty. You can choose either one depending on your needs and requirements and even your budget.


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