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Lymphedema Compression Pump Therapy Using Arm and Leg Sleeves

With Lymphedema swelling starts when the lymph nodes cannot drain excess fluids from the tissues. This swollen tissue can be injured. Swelling can start immediately after surgery or it may become noticeable years later without any known cause. Some patients are hereditarily predisposed, and may have lymphedema over time. Lymphedema may develop as early as the teenage years or can commence much later in life.
A compression or Lymphedema pump is used with a leg or arm sleeve for patients with extreme swelling. There are patients who require both lower and upper extremity sleeves. The compression arm or leg sleeves are put around the extremity and it attaches to the lymphedema compression pump with tubing. The pump squeezes via compression and releases parts of the sleeve in cycles to support in pushing the fluid up and out of the extremity. The excess fluid gets taken up into your body's flow and exits the body in the natural manner.

Our specialists will walk you through every part of the process: from the paperwork with your Doctor’s office and insurance company to the constant status update until your pump is delivered directly to you. We will walk you through the set-up and your first treatments with your new pump.


Lymphedema Treatment

Compression pump treatment is normally done for 1 to 2 hours from 1 to 3 times every day. You can use 2 sleeves at a time (leg or arm sleeves) if needed. Your Doctor or therapist will assist you in determining the frequency and pressure settings.

Virtual Illustration

Compression Pump Therapy - Multi-Chamber Garment Model

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  • Place your cursor over the arm (right or left) or leg (right or left)
  • It will turn to a light blue
  • Click on it to see the multi-chambered garment appear over the body-part
  • Click on "click here to see the motion"
  • View the compression motion of the garment.

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Compression Care