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Bio Compression Pants & VestTreatment of lymphedema with outmoded limb sleeves can treat only limb however treatment of the chest particularly the abdomen/groin area is very important. Manual massage for years has been the single option for lower and upper torso treatments.

Lymphatic Compression Pants and Vests have been created for drainage of lymph in clinic or home. Lymphedema treatment begins at the feet & continues just under the chest. The lymphedema vest begins in the hands and massages around the chest. The lymphedema pant provides drainage of the complete lower body. Lower back, abdomen, groin and both legs are treated concurrently, to take full advantage of the compression therapy sessions and empty existing lymphatic vessels.

Bio Compression Pants & VestLymphedema Pants are extremely helpful in treating genital or groin lymphedema and preventing its development in people who are vulnerable to abdomen and groin swelling. Apart from Lymphedema vests and pants, we also provide compression arm sleeves, compression hose, compression jobst, compression socks, lymphedema sleeve, lymphedema sleeves, compression stockings and compression support.

The Lymphatic Compression Pants and Vests are mostly reimbursed through insurance plans except Medicare.

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